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 Children English
3-5 years old Ready to Read
Focusing on enlightenment, it mainly cultivates listening and speaking ability, cultivates text awareness, and consciously develops children's reading habits. Cultivate children's interest in English learning through the combination of graphic and textual English picture books, and initially establish language perception.
6-8 years old Reading with help
Integrate the teaching of natural spelling, intensive reading and high-frequency words to cultivate children's speed of sound awareness and decoding ability.
Able to understand the topic of family and travel related occasions, and express their opinions and plans.
9-12 years old Read on your own
Through reading, you can expand cultural knowledge such as society and science, and understand the purpose of more technical articles.
Discuss and debate topics in English and communicate with native speakers.
Able to read independently, accumulate a large number of vocabulary and master the basic grammar.
We use the North American graded reading curriculum system. Unlike ordinary natural spelling, our courses are more for children's higher-order thinking, not for learning, but for children to like English and learn consciously.
Robot education
Lasy (3.5-5 years old)
Originated from Germany, it is a simple and unique puzzle building block. The course follows the learning process of introduction-imitation-improvement-innovation, which achieves whole brain development and cultivates children's imagination and creativity.
Junior (5—5.6 years old)
Originated in South Korea, it is an electric building block. Help children understand the concepts of electricity and machinery and increase their creativity by building powered robot projects.
Huna (6-9 years old)
Originating from South Korea, in addition to building blocks, it also has electric control components such as motors, infrared sensors, remote controls, and motherboards. It uses graphic programming to control the robot. Our courses are also designed to add mathematical practice teaching. Students can master simple technology and circuit knowledge accordingly.
Lego Ev3 (8.5-11 years old)
Originated from Denmark, currently the most popular robot building block in the world, rich components and sensor configuration, supplemented by the controller and programming environment, can allow students to understand the graphical programming methods of various mechanical structures, sensors and control programs. In the course, we Incorporating perfect junior high school physics knowledge will greatly help improve the comprehensive ability of children.
Scratch programming (7-12)
Graphical programming tool developed by MIT's "Lifetime Kindergarten Team". The building block module includes 10 categories and more than 100 functions. These graphical building blocks are properly guided by the teacher and can form every link of a complete program, even arrays and functions. From the process of imitation, children can perceive conditional sentences, loop sentences, and judgments. Understand the difference between parameters and commands.
Children's Abacus
Beginner-Basics: Completion and consolidation of 4 sets of formulas for addition and subtraction, understanding of computational logic and mathematical thinking
Initially establish learning and good study habits. Seeing, hearing, thinking, speaking, and both hands in learning, improve children's concentration, imagination, memory and reaction
Beginner-Intermediate: Study of multiplication and division, consolidate the addition and subtraction of mathematical thinking and expand, combine with elementary school textbooks
Intellectual development is promoted and accelerated, enabling accurate and fast mental arithmetic. The growth and connection of left and right brain neurons is expanding. Greatly improved self-confidence, concentration and memory.
Advanced-Super: Mixed operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and expansion of high-order depth to strengthen mathematical reasoning and application capabilities
Outstanding comprehensive quality, active thinking and high learning efficiency. Learning habits, patience, and ability to control emotions have all developed. It appears to embody "three years of study and benefit for life".
Enlightenment Art (3-6 years old)
The concept of visual art design + logical thinking + creative thinking + artistic perception is developed by a team of professional art teachers from Jimmy. Through guidance, drawing and other forms, each child has an eye to discover beauty, and at the same time develop children's creativity Power and broaden children's thinking, improve children's emotional thinking.
Other business
1. Jimi International School can provide an online platform for school and community teachers to teach; if necessary, we can also provide our own courseware for teachers to take lessons.
2. Jimijia can also help small and medium-sized institutions to recruit students. A professional team can help institutions recruit and drain students for free, and can provide free admissions procedures as admissions tools.