Eloquence, a shortcut to thinking training
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An important tool for thinking expression is language, and language expression ability can reflect the process of thinking activity. The development of thinking has a very important role in improving the language level, and can enrich the language's expressive ability and expressive ability. From a psychological point of view, the way and content of thinking expression are often reflected through language, and the content of language can reflect the process of thinking activity. Therefore, how to develop thinking training and eloquence training at the same time is particularly important.
In actual teaching, thinking and eloquence training can be carried out in two stages.
The first stage is the basic stage of simultaneous training of thinking and eloquence. Focus on training students' dialectical thinking ability, logical thinking ability and intuitive thinking ability. The following methods can be used for training: One is improvised reading training. Teachers should prepare reading materials for students in advance, and require students to read aloud at a very fast rate, but they can't do trial reading. The second is retelling training. Take 5-6 people as a group, the group leader prepares the retelling materials for the group members, the group members read silently within the specified time, and then try to retell. The third is to discuss training. Teachers and students can start a discussion on a hot topic, requiring students to consider the problem comprehensively and meticulously when thinking about the problem, and have a certain depth when considering the problem.
The second stage is a high-level training stage in which thinking and eloquence are trained simultaneously. Focus on training students 'resilience and agility in thinking, while also training students' creative thinking and divergent thinking. Common training methods are: First, the game training method. For example, small quizzes or games such as written words, "speak use". In the form of a string of words, each student writes 4 words at random, and gives them to the teacher in a unified way. After the teacher summarizes, the students extract them and connect different words together to tell a story; the small game of "speak use" means that the students give Any of the articles, state the purpose of the article within the specified time. The second is the debate training method. Teachers select topics to be debated before class, such as "whether heroes can be discussed in terms of success or failure". Students decide the defense by drawing lots or self-selection, and start a debate after sufficient preparation. During the training process, students should do as much as possible for off-paper training, make language expression more independent, form a unique way of thinking, and cultivate students' creativity in thinking ability and language ability.

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