Hold the "Golden Key" for School Development
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Shenzhen Jimmy International School

Teachers are the most critical to school development. How can we inspire teachers 'enthusiasm in education and teaching, and how can we promote teachers' professional development to the greatest extent? School-based training has become the first starting point for school reform.
Stimulate motivation and position new development direction
The change of a school is the change of teachers first; the change of teachers is the change of evaluation and incentive mechanism first. A series of systems such as "Salary Reform Program", "Comprehensive Evaluation Program for Teachers", "Promotion Program for Teacher Titles", and "Employment Program for Teachers and Staff Posts" have been introduced to encourage teachers to be dedicated and enterprising, and strive to improve their business capabilities and education performance. The school clearly stipulates that teachers who actively participate in school-based training and have outstanding performance in education and teaching can be hired at a low vocational level, and those with excellent labors receive excellent remuneration. The change of the incentive mechanism has stimulated the internal motivation of the teaching team, and the effect of school education and teaching has been significantly improved. In 2015, the school's college entrance examination scores rose the most among all undergraduate schools in Beijing.
Curriculum construction to expand new areas of training
Under the guidance of the concept of "Hongmei Education", our school's curriculum expert team built and gradually improved the "Three Three Three Hongmei Curriculum System". It is horizontally divided into three types of curriculum groups: "Liren Course", "Zhi Xue Course", and "Leisure Course", and each course group is divided into three levels: basic general education, expanded electives, and advanced integration to achieve "learn to be human, learn to learn" , Learn to live "three major course objectives.
The construction of the "Three Three Three Hongmei Curriculum System" has expanded the new field of school-based training for teachers throughout the school. Teachers of all disciplines fully participate and become researchers and innovators in school curriculum construction.
In order to build a subject curriculum system, teachers in various departments and subjects study and study educational theories and curriculum standards, formulate curriculum objectives, and set up school-based courses. "Liren Course" aims to teach children to "learn to be humans", with "participation in practice" as the main method, so that the heart of love, gratitude and family feelings are rooted in the soul of each child; "Zhi Xue Course" It aims to teach children to "learn to learn", through basic courses, expanded electives, advanced integration and other courses to cultivate students' humanistic spirit, technological ability and lifelong learning ability; Give full play to the school's traditional advantages and heritage as a Beijing art education demonstration school, create a full range of colorful, selective arts technology and practical courses, so that each student is familiar with one or several sports, technology, art Projects to cultivate their ability to live healthy and live in harmony, develop harmoniously, as well as technological literacy and aesthetic appeal.
In order to practice the school's curriculum system, departments and disciplines need to integrate education and teaching resources, compile school-based materials, and develop curriculum evaluation standards. In the course of repeated learning and discussion, more than 30 school-based learning materials such as "Chinese Tourism Scenery Analysis Volume 1", "High School Chinese Modern Selected Readings", "Chinese History Project" and "Number Fun" are presented beautifully. In the process of writing school-based learning materials, teachers in various disciplines hire experts to guide, organize academic seminars, revise and improve. Driven by clear writing goals and tasks, the quality of school-based training continues to improve.
Expert resources to push the level of college-based training
School teachers fully enjoy the advantages of the group's teaching and research: joint lesson preparation, joint teaching and research, and mutual exchange of lectures, and the form of paired training between teachers and apprentices in the group continues to improve the quality of school-based training. The high school chemistry teaching and research group participated in the "High-end Lesson Preparation Project" organized by Beijing Normal University, and the overall teaching ability of the teaching and research group was significantly improved. The "Hongmei Forum" and "Chimei Classroom" and other on-campus teaching and research activities are diverse and exciting. The outstanding characteristics of academic and scientific research: expert guidance, high-level; group teaching and research, multi-level; high-end lesson preparation, typical model; on-campus training, multiple forms.
Through school-based training, teachers ’awareness of education and scientific research has been awakened, and schools have also become popular hot spots for the people. Hongmei Campus has also become a growth paradise that students love.