Children can read English well, but they don't understand wh
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Often meet similar students, no problem with pronunciation, see sentences can also read down, and even can repeat, but when you ask him what he said, he will be very confused.
Parents are also very confused. They memorize many words clearly. All kinds of online and offline courses are uninterrupted. Every day, they ask their children to open their mouths to study. Why does this happen?
In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, when training the children's English ability, parents are too eager to succeed. In all kinds of miscellaneous training, children have not received systematic training, have not formed systematic thinking, and have not established a complete language system. It's no surprise that I can't understand.

How to change this situation? To achieve the following three points, not only can children read and understand, but also can have a qualitative breakthrough in English ability.

No.1Read original English books
Many parents think that reading original English books from childhood will lead to a bad impression on children's English learning, in fact, it is not.
With the help of teachers and parents, intensive reading of several English originals will strengthen children's perception of English words and cultivate an English language environment for them from an early age. Let them feel the instrumentality and humanity of language, and cultivate their reading ability from an early age.

No.2Cultivate English thinking
The most important thing in learning a language is actually to understand the thinking logic of the language and to think about the world with the thinking of the language itself, instead of rote memorization. If parents hold the concept of "learning a language is to memorize", they will teach their children English which is divorced from the real English culture.

After receiving the English education from small to large, the wrong English will be implanted into the child's brain. To learn English, we should pay more attention to culture and thinking, or vocabulary and grammar, which is the difference between strategy and tactics.
So in daily life, parents should learn to encourage their children to express their ideas in English, and often have English conversation. In addition, parents can also accompany their children to watch some English videos.
However, it should be noted that when watching the video, it is not just "watching", but "disassembling". First, the whole video view is disassembled, and then the expression of the view is disassembled. In this way, children will learn all about the expression mode of cultural views + English thinking.

No.3Looking for a reliable training institution
Limited by the exam oriented education in China, most of the school education can not do a systematic English education, more education is around the word quantity, sentence pattern and other aspects of "death". In this kind of rigid education mode, it is difficult to cultivate children's perception of language. So it's very important to find a suitable educational institution.