Why do children have art classes?
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In the course of class, we found that some parents are very honest to admit that although they praise their children's paintings on the surface, they don't think they can understand them. To be more honest, I even think the children's paintings are chaotic and poor.
Countless parents are wondering why they can't see the colorful colors and rich plots they are looking forward to, and they can't find a lot of lines with specific images. Just the lines running around on the screen, there's no sense of beauty. These questions are asked again and again, and we are really surprised that the parents really don't understand art. Let children be enlightened by art, finish art class, draw sports meeting, hike, summer camp, beautiful park, or butterfly, giraffe, beautiful name is imagination training. It's worth reflecting on what we learned from art class after drawing these questions?
If we stay at the level of depicting things or narrating and explaining stories, there is no art after the art class. Because it really belongs to the fine arts, to enter into the basic structure, just like the melody, rhythm and harmony of music, beginners must enter from here. The shape, color and texture of fine arts are the basis of the visual world. Only through the practice and contact of abstract forms, can they have the ability of reasonable structure and design in life and art.

1. Painting itself is a happy thing! Painting itself is something you can enjoy! The pursuit of art is human nature, which brings people a sense of achievement and spiritual comfort, and realizes their own life value. There is nothing better than painting. 2. Painting improves the taste of life. Mr. Cai Yuanpei said that "aesthetic education replaces religion". We can see what impact "aesthetic" can have on life. Painting is the best way to improve the aesthetic. People who can draw generally have good taste. 3. Drawing enlivens our thinking. Drawing is not only a skill, but also an exercise of thinking. People who draw are full of creative thinking, imagination and active personality. 4. People who draw are very popular. People who can draw usually have many like-minded friends. Art itself has a unique charm. Naturally, there are many talented friends around.

Art class is not for mastering skills, but to help you form a special concept and attitude towards beauty and art. It's a kind of ability to observe and interpret the world, and it's an angle to watch things. More importantly, it is the change of heart, the expansion of vision, from the inside to the outside, from the inner touch to the change of external behavior. Art education really needs professional teachers to guide, but without the cooperation and understanding of parents, children's "creative" talent can only be quickly strangled like parents. This is exactly what David art education does. Teachers will pay attention to children's "imagination and creativity training" in the course of class.