What are the methods of children's English education?
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Children's English education method one: Fairy Tale Drama Teaching Method
The content of teaching can directly determine children's desire to learn. The child is young and interested in fairy tales. Parents can make use of this feature of children and use fairy tale teaching method to let children roam in all kinds of fairy tales. This can effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of children's English. When children become good friends with the characters in fairy tales, their English scores will also make great progress.
The second method of children's English Education: situational teaching method
It is inevitable that English learning is a little boring, and children tend to have a sense of disgust in the process of learning English. It is suggested that teachers should make more efforts in children's English education methods, which can simulate different real life scenes and help children improve their English scores with vivid children's English education methods. Now many children's English classes are also using this method of children's English education, which shows the popularity of this method.
The third method of children's English Education: music rhythm teaching method
When it comes to nursery rhymes, we should all be familiar with them. We have heard nursery rhymes since we were young. After a long time, we can hum along with the content of nursery rhymes. Among the methods of children's English education, music rhythm teaching is also one of the common methods. Many large regular children's English classes adopt this teaching method. In the teaching method of music rhythm, teachers use the method of "speaking and singing" to teach English knowledge to children, and cooperate with regular melody and dance movements, so that children can watch and want to learn, learn and dance.
Method 4 of children's English Education: direct spelling teaching method
Direct spelling is a common English vocabulary teaching method in many children's training classes. In this kind of children's English education method, some practical and simple letters and letter combination pronunciation can help children quickly understand the recognition and reading skills of strange words, and can quickly remember words and read articles. In the direct spelling teaching method, some children's English classes will give each phoneme a small gesture to help children better remember the pronunciation.
The fifth method of children's English Education: association teaching method
As the name suggests, association teaching method is to mobilize children's association ability through the internal connection between each English knowledge point, and use the methods of extension, reasoning and imagination, so that children can quickly remember English knowledge points, and convert short-term memory into permanent memory.
There are many ways of children's English education, and parents need to master more ways to help children learn better. If parents have limited energy, they can also report to children's English class. Most of the children's English education methods used in children's English class are very formal and professional. Parents can sign up at ease.