Children's English learning methods suitable for children
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Many parents spend a lot of money to improve their children's English performance. Their children have learned a variety of English teaching materials and changed many training institutions. "> English training institutions, but few of them can insist on learning a whole set of teaching materials. Often at the end of learning, the children just memorize some words mechanically, but the use of language is flexible. The purpose of memorizing words is to Let the children speak English more and lay the foundation, mechanical memory will not improve the children's English level, therefore, we should develop a good habit of learning a set of textbooks, and memorize words in sentences and short dialogues in textbooks. In a word, sentences are more important than words. Only by learning a set of textbooks thoroughly can we really help children lay a good foundation in English.
Children's English learning method 2, recite the classic text story: practice oral English, cultivate language sense.
Parents attach great importance to their children's oral English. Many parents suffer from their children's lack of a good language learning environment. When their children start to learn English, they start to spend a lot of money on foreign teachers, but sometimes it turns out to be the opposite of their wishes. The children dare to express themselves, but the topics they express are still limited to simple waiting introduction, staying at the most basic level. After all, not all children can have such learning opportunities, so how to exercise oral English has become the most headache for many parents. According to the actual situation of Chinese learning English, the best way to learn oral English is to read aloud and recite the text repeatedly. When children first learn a language, the language learning system of their brain is open and they can learn the language naturally. In the absence of language environment, after reading and reciting dozens of texts skillfully, many common sentences will blurt out unconsciously, and the so-called "thinking in a foreign language" will come quietly.
Children's English learning method 3. Interest is the best teacher
Many children's self-control is not strong, most of them rely on image thinking memory, learning knowledge without logical concept, children's learning is different from adults. For children, parents must guard against arrogance and impetuosity, do not take their children's English scores as the judgment standard, be able to keep a good interest in English in primary school, and master good learning methods and develop good learning habits, which is successful. As parents, the key is to help teachers cultivate children's interest together. It's worth noting that in our daily life, we should try our best to talk with our children in English and use English more often, but don't easily ask them how to say this word and that sentence, so that they are always in a tense mood.