Reflection on the nature of education in happy egg
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News from our newspaper (Yu Dong) recently, Pu Pulan's fall 2018 new product launch was held in Shanghai, and a picture book "happy egg" created by sun Lili, a young preschool education scholar was launched.
Different from general picture books, "happy egg" is a rare critical picture book. Through the story of the chicken, duck, goose and egg contest, it presents a scene of exaggeration and absurdity in an easy and joking style of painting. As LAN Jianhong, assistant professor of children's Literature Research Institute of Taitung University, said, education is a way and method to help people develop their own technology, If we educate for the sake of education, we will lose the true state.
Another picture book "father becomes a transparent man" launched on the spot depicts a story about the loss of father's love between parents and children. How does a father deal with the relationship with children? How to help children relieve sudden emotional changes? The book provides a way to solve the awkward parent-child relationship, and also points out a parenting way: company and play are the best magic weapon to create a warm parent-child relationship.