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When a child holds a book, it's like holding up a world. He opens his big mouth and is led into the fantasy by Peter Pan and the skin of his stockings. After he eats these stories into his stomach, when he grows up and encounters difficulties one day, the reading of childhood and the beauty of fairy tales will give him a shelter. This is the power of reading. So, children's reading is so important. How can kindergartens promote children's reading?
Let children easily get the books they want to read
As the British writer Eden chambers put it: "the way books are displayed affects whether books can receive more attention." We found that the original library of our park is at the end of the corridor, and children will not go to the library to pick up and read books on their own. The opening of the library also has a certain time limit for each class.
Therefore, we have made improvements: in the corridors and stairways, we have added book display shelves, replaced books every week, and recommended key books. At the same time, we have also added long bamboo benches so that children can sit down and read.
In order to cultivate children's good habit of reading and where to put the books, we have arranged pictures of the same book above the displayed books, so that children can put the books they read back to their original places and keep the bookshelves in order. At the same time, every time you change a book, change the library card.
Through these small initiatives, we are surprised to find that the utilization rate and flow rate of books have been greatly improved. Every day before lunch break and after school, it becomes the peak time of reading. Before lunch break, children gather together to read and discuss the contents of the book. Every day when teachers take their children through corridors and corridors, they will stop to read a book together. After school, many parents accompanied their children to sit on a long bamboo bench and read a book together, showing many moving pictures. Children can learn to send books back to their original place correspondingly, which has cultivated children's good habit of taking good care of books.
Making book bags and drifting books to promote reading
In the process of comprehensively promoting reading activities in kindergarten, a teacher made a new invention: a small book bag on the back of a child's seat. Different from the books displayed in the class, this bag usually contains books that parents buy for children and children like very much.
These small book bags are sewn by each child's parents or other relatives. A father also sews the book bags by himself. Although the thick needle and thick thread are not good-looking, they are full of family's deep affection for the children. The children will realize that reading is a warm and sacred thing, and is something that the family is willing to support and cooperate with.
Books brought by different families greatly enrich children's reading horizons, bring different books and different family cultures to kindergartens, increase the diversity of reading content, and children also form a good habit of sharing.
We also set up book rafting activities to promote parent-child reading. Teachers encourage children to carry out a variety of books drifting activities, teachers make borrowing forms, carry out recommendation activities, etc., so that children can borrow the books they want to read at the first time. Under the encouragement of children, parents borrow books regularly and take good books to kindergarten for recommendation, which greatly promotes the exchange of books.
Multiple activity competitions make reading alive
In order to let the good books in kindergarten be read by more children and improve children's language perception and performance ability, we held the story King competition. The story King competition is divided into class preliminary and kindergarten final. In order to choose the king of story, all the parents come out as judges to vote for the children. It is fair and just, very ceremonial.
Each class selects three children to participate in the kindergarten Story King final. In the competition, every child will become a small judge, who has the right to choose the story they like best. After the story performance, the little contestants can also get candy from the little judges. Whoever gets more candy is the king of the story. In the new week's flag raising ceremony, the story King selected by the children also received a certificate from the kindergarten and the works of Mr. Feng Zikai. Children are very happy and full of achievement after receiving rewards and gifts.
Every year in our reading month, the parents of the class and the children will actively prepare for the performance of parent-child picture books. By performing picture books and showing books in three dimensions, the participation of parents and children can be enhanced in the form of drama. At the same time, the understanding of picture books can be deepened through performance.
In our kindergarten, not only the children and parents perform, but also the teachers and the head of the kindergarten. After this year's opening ceremony, the head of the kindergarten took the teacher to perform a picture book play "my emotional elf" for children to further understand and accept their emotions, and then manage their emotions. Children are deeply attracted by performance and actively participate in interaction, which is an experiential reading.
Reading teaching and research to promote inter provincial communication
In the teaching and research of reading activities, we combine multiple picture books with the same theme in the form of theme story meeting, design the theme reading activity scheme, integrate these picture books, and turn them into an interesting drama performance. The response of children is very warm. At present, we have successfully held a series of themed story meetings, such as "strange rabbit with broken ears" and "interesting animals", as well as "smart little mouse", which enhanced children's understanding of the same theme picture book group and stimulated their interest in reading.
At the same time, we have a pair of activities with Zhengan kindergarten in Guizhou Province. The heterogeneous competition activities of the same class promote the communication of different provinces and cities, different regional cultures and reading activities. Teachers in Guizhou brought Sage from Guizhou to make rabbits with children. Our teachers used carrots as materials to draw scenes in the book with children. The head of the kindergarten also took the teachers to form a curly ball troupe, which made the picture books of the kindergarten into scripts, and made class tour in the form of puppet shows to make reading more three-dimensional.
It has been proved that adults can promote children's reading. Through various forces, to create a reading environment and carry out all kinds of book reading activities in an all-round and three-dimensional way, not only can greatly enhance the utilization rate and utilization rate of kindergarten books, but also can greatly enrich the collection types of kindergarten books, so that children can get spiritual satisfaction and spiritual enrichment in reading.