Training the kindergarten teachers to become grassroots expe
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There is an important point in the book trends and trends of education reform in developed countries that "the key to developing high-quality education is to establish a professional team suitable for this task". However, we have to face the reality that the professionalism of the employees engaged in preschool education in our country still needs to be improved. After I transferred from primary school to our kindergarten, I realized that to improve the quality of kindergarten education, the core work is to improve the professionalism of preschool teachers, and help teachers to change from "layman" to "expert".
In the past 16 years, all of our teachers have obtained the professional undergraduate education of preschool education from the original junior high school and senior high school education. The work of teachers has changed from thinking highly of children, to pursuing to become backbone teachers, famous teachers, grassroots experts, and even 16 teachers have been rated as "national innovative teachers". To build a professional team of teachers not only enables children to enjoy quality preschool education, but also enables teachers to find a sense of professional value and happiness. So how to build a professional team of teachers? We mainly improve it through the following methods.
To find out the difference has a definite purpose. There are nearly 30 teachers in our kindergarten. Their overall level is uneven. In order to find out the actual situation of each teacher and to achieve a targeted goal in the future training, we have established a standing book for the overall quality of teachers in our kindergarten. The contents of the standing book include: Teachers' Professional expertise, weak links, improvement measures, comparative improvement, pair of teachers, stage summary and next stage development rules Draw and wait.
Do a good job of garden based training. The educational practice of getting along with teachers day and night makes me deeply realize that learning educational theory only enables teachers to find theoretical support in improving the level of specialization. To truly build a professional team, the most effective way is garden based training. The basic style of our kindergarten based training is to be practical and effective. Our teaching and research forms are rich but not fancy, starting from the reality around us, such as recommending good professional articles for teachers to read and analyze together. These articles can be published in journals and newspapers, or written by teachers themselves. In addition, we also let teachers analyze the real cases around them, and tell them how they found and solved the problems. Because these practices are closely related to the work of teachers and closely echo the practical work, they have high reference value, so they play a very important role in improving the level of specialization of teachers.
Guide teachers to do a good job in educational reflection. It is the most basic knowledge reserve to be a qualified preschool educator, master the law of children's physical and mental development, and understand the characteristics of children's learning and development. However, to be an excellent preschool teacher, it is not enough just to have these, he should be good at thinking and reflecting on educational practice. In our opinion, it is a good way to write a journal of educational reflection. Through this way, teachers can not only reflect on their own educational behavior, but also enrich their thinking. If teachers want to write a good reflection on education and teaching, they need to keep learning and spend more time and energy on children's study and life to make careful observation and analysis. Writing a good education reflection diary, it is a good way to motivate teachers to carry out education reflection, and effectively improve the level of teacher professionalization.
Backbone teachers should be good leaders. In our kindergarten, there are many excellent teachers in all aspects. We ask them to write their own work insights regularly. Every month, we will arrange one or two backbone teachers to give experience introduction. The speech mainly focuses on their confusion and research problems in the teaching practice, which truly embodies the concept of serving teachers. The form of speech can let one person give a speech and all people participate in it, so that teachers can achieve the effect of ideological collision, mutual inspiration and seeking common ground while reserving differences.
The internalization of small research projects has been improved. When the teachers have a certain level of specialization, the research of small projects has become the only way for teachers to develop to a high level. Every school year, our kindergarten will let teachers choose the right breakthrough point from their own education and teaching according to their own teaching practice, and find the interesting, confused and difficult problems as the content of their small research. For example, "I have improved the confidence of my child", "I have improved the happiness index of my baby and me in various ways" and other small topics come from my side and feed back work practice. In order to do a good job in small projects, we also set up a supervision group to review each small project, regularly check and help teachers' research, and solve problems in time. The process of small subject research is also the process of teachers' reference and internal promotion, which plays an important role in Teachers' professional growth.
Build a platform to show yourself. In order to make the teachers grow up quickly and visually, our park has launched the activity of "give you a stage and realize your dream". The content of the activity is rich and extensive, which is to give teachers an opportunity to show themselves and let them experience the realization of self-worth. This activity has effectively inspired teachers' enthusiasm for work. The teacher's morality speech makes teachers enhance their professional identity while infecting other teachers. Origami, piano, painting, Putonghua and other basic skills competitions enable excellent teachers to gain their own work achievements, and also strengthen the young teachers' sense of professional certainty. Teachers' Professional level has been rapidly improved in learning from each other's strengths and weaknesses 。
Create an atmosphere for happy growth. A healthy, happy and happy working environment is conducive to teachers' career success and spiritual pleasure. Based on the working environment dominated by female teachers, our park pays attention to humanized and humanized management mode, and strives to create a family style atmosphere of family affection. For example, on Teachers' birthday, we will send flowers and cakes; when teachers are frustrated, we will take the initiative to care and condole; when teachers make mistakes, we will send tolerance and understanding. The people-oriented management mode can stimulate teachers' team cohesion and enthusiasm for career development, and also arouse teachers' enterprising spirit. This kind of atmosphere has become the booster of teachers' professional growth in our park, as well as the booster for our park to obtain all kinds of progress and honors.