School Introduction School Introduction
Jimi International School was established in Shenzhen in 2012. It is committed to a variety of international education projects such as children's brainpower development, logical thinking training, and overseas study tours. The best community education center near your home.
The school adheres to the educational concept of "make learning to create", and aims to cultivate children's independent thinking ability, unique creative ability and expression ability. It fully combines the characteristics of children's strong ability to accept new things, and integrates "more focused on tapping children's autonomous learning. The core idea of ​​"interests and potentials" is to develop a variety of courses, focusing on developing children's ability to express, creative thinking and other application skills, teamwork spirit, imagination, so that children can integrate into the international trend earlier and faster.
In order to allow more children to learn better, Jimi assisted many kindergartens and elementary schools in Baoan District to carry out 4:30 class. At the same time, in order to help children master reading skills and cultivate good reading habits, Jimi joined hands with Shenzhen The Reading Federation, Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television, and various education experts have launched a million-reading activity, which aims to encourage children to read one million words a year, read and love reading, and combine patriotic themes to allow children to read a variety of topics from childhood. The book understands the true, the good and the beautiful, the warmth in the small family (family) and the profoundness of everyone (the motherland), so that it can plant the feelings of loving others, loving the family and the country in a young heart.
Since its establishment, Jimijia has started in English, and later introduced robot programming, fine arts, abacus and other courses. Now it focuses on two courses, English and robot programming. Among them, English was introduced by Cheng and was founded by the AZ International Graded Reading Standard. The reading course developed by the Irene Fountas team is a curriculum standard for schools in North America. It focuses on cultivating Chinese children's higher-order thinking as a reading guide, improving 15 reading skills, 6 reading strategies, critical thinking, and independent writing skills; robot education It includes courses such as Lasy, Junior, Huna, Lego Ev3, and scratch. The courses are taken from the world's best teaching aids, run through Chinese and Western individualized teaching concepts, and have an outstanding teaching team in the industry. Students have the ability to analyze logic and incorporate mathematical and physics practice teaching methods into the STEAM curriculum, bringing the most cutting-edge and advanced programming algorithms, human-machine control, and innovative thinking to children.

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