[several meters international school] children's abacus ment
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[several meters international school] children's abacus mental arithmetic class is open!

Introduction - Basic: four groups of pithy formula of addition and subtraction are completed and consolidated, and the understanding of computational logic and mathematical thinking is realized
Initially establish learning and good learning habits. In learning, eyes, ears and ears, brain, mouth and hands are used to pluck beads to improve children's concentration, imagination, memory and reaction
Primary intermediate: learning multiplication and division, consolidating the thinking of addition and subtraction mathematics, and combining with primary school textbooks
The development of intelligence is promoted and accelerated, and accurate and rapid mental calculation can be carried out. The growth and connection of left and right brain neurons are expanding day by day. Self confidence, concentration, memory and so on have been greatly improved.
Advanced super: mixed operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, expansion of high-level depth, enhancement of mathematical reasoning and application ability
Outstanding comprehensive quality, active thinking and high learning efficiency. Learning habits, patience and emotional control ability have been developed in an all-round way. It seems to embody "learning for three years, benefiting for life".