[several meters international school] robot education class
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Lasy (3.5-5 years old)
[several meters international school] robot education class is open!

Originated in Germany, it is a simple and unique puzzle building block. The course follows the learning process of introduction, imitation, improvement and innovation to achieve the whole brain development and cultivate the imagination and creativity of children.
Junior (5-5.6 years old)
Originated from Korea, it is an electric building block. Through the construction of dynamic robot projects, help children understand the concept of electricity and machinery, and improve their creativity.
Huna (6-9 years old)
Originated from South Korea, in addition to building blocks, we also have motor, infrared sensor, remote control, motherboard and other electric control components. We use graphic programming to control robots. Our curriculum also designs and adds mathematics practice teaching. Students can master simple technology and circuit knowledge.
LEGO ev3 (8.5-11 years old)
Originated from Denmark, the most popular robot building blocks in the world, rich components and sensor configurations, supplemented by controllers and programming environment, can let students deeply understand the graphic programming methods of various mechanical structures, sensors and control programs. In the course, we integrate perfect junior high school physics knowledge, which is very helpful for the improvement of children's comprehensive ability.
Scratch programming (7-12)
It is a graphic programming tool developed by MIT's lifelong kindergarten team. The building block module includes 10 categories and more than 100 functions. The use of these graphical building blocks can form every link of a complete program, even arrays and functions through the correct guidance of teachers. In the process of imitation, children can perceive conditional statements, circular statements and judgments. Understand the difference between parameters and commands.