[several meters international school] children's English cla
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[several meters international school] children's English class begins

Ready to read (interest enlightenment, immersion acquisition)
It mainly focuses on interest enlightenment, mainly cultivating listening and speaking ability, text awareness, and consciously developing children's reading habits. Through the English picture book with the integration of pictures and texts, the interest of children's English learning is cultivated, and the language sense perception is initially established.
Reading with help, 6-8 years old
Combine the teaching of natural spelling, intensive extensive reading and high-frequency words to cultivate children's Sonic awareness and decoding ability.
Be able to understand the topics of family and tourism related occasions, and express their opinions and plans.
Read on your own (9-12 years old)
Through reading to expand social and scientific cultural knowledge, and can understand the purpose of technical more complex articles.
Discuss and debate topics in English and communicate with native speakers.
Be able to read independently, accumulate a large number of vocabulary and master basic grammar.
We adopt the North American graded reading curriculum system, which is different from the common natural spelling. Our curriculum is more to cultivate children's high-level thinking, not to learn for learning, but to let children like English and learn consciously.