Millions of reading, I love the final of children's recitati
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Millions of reading, I love the final of children's recitation competition in China
Sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, Xi Jinping, general secretary, has made a brilliant and profound exposition on reading and learning on many important occasions. At the same time of vigorously promoting reading culture in Shenzhen, parent-child reading, as a reading branch, is increasingly loved by parents. In addition to reading for children, children can better improve their reading input and output power through reading, story telling and other language displays, so that children can love reading and share it with more children.
In such a background, Jimi family, together with Shenzhen radio, television and education experts, launched a million words reading activity, which aims to encourage children to read a million words a year, to be able to read and love reading, and to let children understand truth, goodness and beauty through reading various books when they are young, to understand the warmth of small families and the broadness and profundity of everyone (the motherland), so as to make them feel at a young age Love your family and love your country.